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My name is Matt! I am the owner of Window Pro.  I do my best to regularly meet with every one of our great customers and learn what we can to to customize our service to meet and exceed your expectations.

"Under promise and over deliver "

This is Chrissy! She handles the office, which includes the billing, A/R, Scheduling and most important keeping us in check. However you may see her out swinging a squegee (if it's dry out and not below 75 degrees) If you ever have any questions about your acount give her a call at:402-306-3797 and she will get you what you need.

Say "hi" to Mark! He is a major part of Window Pro! You will see him every month, every week or every day if you like. He is the machine that keeps our route rolling. Whether he is tip toeing though a preschool at nap time, or dodging the mall walkers, he will produce quality service and perfect results.

And Brandon! This guy just gets it done and done right. From pressure washing Kwik Shops at 3am to helping at Bass Pro on a scissor lift, removing santa's artificial snow from the glass. He's a big part in making our customers happy.