Now I have taken this 21 years of experience and together with my wife Chrissy, brother Mark, and other key staff, we have created not just a extremely organized modern window cleaning company, but a window cleaning company that offers the same efficiency and diversities as a large international company. 

     From an innovated spot-free rinse, no squeegee window cleaning system to a large commercial grade 4000 psi, 8gpm hot water pressure washer trailer, there's no job we can't handle.  When all that is controlled by a state-of-the-art custom scheduling and billing program, and an office staff that is always available, we guarantee that you will be satisfied at the end of every day with 

Window Pro!


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     As the owner of Window Pro I'm asked the question daily, “So how long have you been cleaning windows?” The answer... I have been cleaning windows since 1995 and I learned from one of greatest pioneers of Omaha window cleaning. With this training from one of the "Greats"  I have learned to do everything from repelling off some of the tallest buildings in Nebraska to working in Omaha's most premier homes.